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Hi there and welcome to my blog Beyond Brain Cancer. My name is Miss Simone “Overcomer” Coleman and I am not only a survivor of brain cancer, but a thriver!

Throughout my cancer journey I have learned many life lessons and taken the time to really evaluate what’s important in life: my faith, my health and well-being, surrounding myself by loved ones, and continuing to share my story with the hope that it will help others. My mission is to inform, empower, and inspire others. In my blog I elaborate on how I turned my obstacles into overcoming experiences. No matter where you are in the journey remember “your attitude determines your altitude.” Please join in and feel free to navigate this journey with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hope is not the absence of fear, it is the presence of God.

Hope is the confident expectation that God is going to do what he says he will do.

It's the joyful expectation about the future. It's up to us to never give up and know Gods got it!!!

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