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Hi there!

My name is Simone Coleman and I am the creator of Beyond Brain Cancer! 

I am a brain cancer survivor, daughter of a cancer survivor, and a woman of strong faith. Since my battle, I have become even more passionate about helping people! Beyond Brain Cancer was created in response to my personal battle and to provide insight from the perspective of a survivor. My vision for Beyond Brain Cancer is to spread awareness about the disease and give pertinent information surrounding healing, recovery, and general encouragement. When I was going through my diagnosis, I wasn’t able to find many blogs or articles for my specific type of brain cancer, which was a little discouraging. I am hoping that my blog will give you exactly what you are searching for!

With that in mind, I want to build a community of survivors, so that we can draw from each other’s experiences. I turned my challenges after cancer into positivity, so that I can provide comfort and convenience to those who need it. I lost my hair during my battle (and I know that’s something many people worry about after initial diagnosis) and a lot of my confidence, but I found a way to bring joy back into my life by doing what makes me happy, and that’s helping others.

“I wasn’t made to fit in; I was created to stand out,” has become my life’s motto. I pressed on and strived to be great despite the health challenges that came my way.

If you or someone you know is navigating through this journey, they too should know they’re not in it alone. I have embraced my new normal and I love exactly who I am becoming, despite the impact cancer had and may still have on me. My goal is to share my insight and the helpful information I have learned from others on this same journey, and hope that others find this information helpful, as they navigate their own journey.

I believe everyone has a story, and my hope is that my story will promote better health for you or someone else you may know, as well as raise awareness for all cancers. If I can touch one life with my story, I am fulfilled.

 #FightCancer #Fight2Win #FaithOverFear #Hope

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