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Brain Boosting Treat

Hey readers,

Have you ever taken the time to look into the resources offered to you through your health insurance? I know sometimes health insurance may seem of great importance when you need it most but what about when your healthy and doing things in your own leisure to benefit YOU ? Do you check into the webinars offered, take advantage speaking with a health nurse, or view the email notifications your program sends out? Recently, I came across a recipe for my health journey that was called a Brain Boosting Treat provided by my insurance provider, how ironic right?! Something tasty and light to support brain health! I share this post two fold- 1) with the hopes you will begin to view all that your insurance providers offer (after all you’re paying for good quality health coverage) 2) perhaps trying out this tasty treat and maybe jazzing it up to your liking.

Did You Know: May 27th is considered National Brain Cancer Day!! It may be delayed but it’s not forgotten. Happy Brain Cancer Day!!! 🧠💞

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