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Determined December!

Fit in the Season-Determined December-I'm brand new in 2022- Best you in 2022, all those catchy phrases going into the New Year.

I'm sure we all know someone who says their New Year's resolution is to get fit. They may even say.. "I'll start in the gym Jan.1st". If we put off working out and stretching like we do eating or working we wouldn't be able to take care of other priorities in life. The same goes for caring for our temples. Gentle stretches can prevent you from pulling a muscle, it keeps you mobile, and will keep you on your toes literally. Finding some simple exercises to do daily 5-10min., going for a brisk walk around the block to increase cardio, or even 10min of meditation/yoga. You'd be so surprised at how doing such form of physical activity can give your day the jump start it needs and how much energy you have into your day. Working out is in the cool season can be less motivating if you allow it. However, there are many things that can be done in the home without even using equipment. For instance, a can of beans or a water bottle can be used as dumbbells. You can use a chair and perform tricep dips, perform planks on a yoga mat, squats or burpees on the floor, or use the corner of a room facing the wall for wall pushups. Creativity at its best. There are workarounds and modifications that can be made to keep you going. Why wait til the New Year or close to Summer to begin moving? The time is now, and as we know time waits for no one. Let's get up and moving, so we can be the best we can be and all God created us to be.

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