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Don’t forget to remember!!

In my most challenging moments of this battle, I could hear God speak through me by way of the prophet Jeremiah. Specifically Jeremiah's story in Lamentations 3:19-24.

Jeremiah wrote these poems that speak of the valley situations, to be encouraged, and trust God. He shares his own afflictions and how people should have hope of a restoration. In reflecting on the words, I was reminded that God's being and experiences never change in any respect. No matter how the situations change, He remains the same. Same God back then, today, and forevermore.

Below I share the few takeaways from Jeremiah's story that really resonated with me on my journey and thereafter.

1) Recall

Good & bad (whether it's divorce, lost of job, house, a diagnosis, or feeling defeated) recall those things that cause you to doubt God. Reflect and remember in the lowest part of the earth or the highest of the high. He’s always there!!

2) Rehearse/compassion

He feels our inability to be divine consistently. He covers us with ability and compassion. God loves us so much he went to extra lengths to give us the opportunity to surrender to him.

3) Rejoice

He never disappoints and his love never runs out. Even to the end of age. He makes provisions and is promise keeping.

All in all, God‘s Unfailing Faithfulness is how we make it through. Great is thy faithfulness!

Remain in Him, he will remain in you. Let him direct your paths. He won't steer you wrong, I speak from my own experiences. He's got you!

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