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Exercises for the Mind And Body

Did you know exercising 10-30min improves can improve your Brain Health? It's also a way to spend quality time with other people. I say this from the heart, exercising is a form of therapy! Therapy of the mind and body! Exercising can be the outlet for an individual in many avenues. When you exercise, you build your heart and lung muscles. When the body is introduced to exercise, it gives your brain a jumpstart and improves your concentration.

In today's world, there are many stress factors, I won't dive too deep into that, but you get my drift. If we move in a way that enhances the body in a positive way, I promise it will decrease your stress if not minimize it in a way you couldn't imagine. Exercise, Get up and move, Take a walk on the treadmill.. these are ways to improve your bone density, improve your energy level, and even aid you to sleep better.

Two forms of exercise I share with first timers or if exercising is inconsistent for you. Begin with stretching in the morning, then slowly move into some form of cardio (running, walking, step, boxing, etc.), then slowly move into resistance training if you choose. Cardiovascular exercise increases oxygen in your blood and increases your heart rate. Resistance Training is a form of exercise that prevents injury, builds muscles, raises your metabolism, and allows for exercise in different planes of motion or levels.

I've come in contact with people in this season who either know someone experiencing a battle with brain health or that has circumed to it. They've shared how it reminds them that it's possible to survive and thrive. Sometimes seeing and being a witness to someone who has survived it, gives them hope. They find new ways to cope with the loss of a loved one through exercise or realize that exercise is what they need to manage stress/anxiety as a caregiver.

It's for sure a way to remind me of where I was and had been to where I am and want to be! The light that shines and the passion behind my story becomes even more purposefilled.

While I am actively engaging in movement, in hindsight it continues to decrease stressorsof life, manages my weight, and gives me the opportunity to reasses my health and realign my focus.

Now more than ever, we need to do our due diligence and care for our temples and share this knowledge with our loved ones.

Take the time to pour into yourself to give your best self.

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