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Faith over Fear

I’m often asked “How have you been able to keep such a positive attitude during your battle?” My response is “because I know who my faith lies in and that one day I would share my testimony of healing and how I overcame my fears of cancer.” Sharing my journey and what I’ve been through has become someone else’s survival guide!

Having Faith over Fear is easier said than done. In my journey I had to believe that by turning my fear into faith, faith into trust, and my worry into worship, God would move mountains for me. There were low moments where I felt at the pit of the valley but somehow I was comforted by the peace of God, knowing whatever happened I’d be okay. I placed my trust in the bigger plan that God had for my life, I had to pull over and let him drive the vehicle, and I had to let go of the wheel no matter the outcome was. God was truly the driver of my vehicle, from guiding the hands of the physicians, to healing my body. When I did that, what was the most fearful time in my life became the most peaceful and spiritual experience in my life.

Fear can cause you to worry about the outcome instead of loving the journey God has you on. If we believe in the power of prayer, we can’t worry. I couldn’t do both. When I woke up feeling negative in the morning I made a decision to be optimistic and attacked each day with courage and pray Gods strength be with me. When I felt discouraged during the day, I would read positive pledges and focus on my purpose. God was allowing this to happen to me for a reason.

Trust Him, he won’t stir you wrong. Gods plan is not our plan. God wants us to bring Him our request and wait expectantly. He wants us to be believers that he is God almighty and exactly who he says he is. He is the healing, way making God that is powerful enough to do the impossible!

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