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Fitness Goals My Spiritual Workout

Fitness, who wants to talk about fitness when your body is already going through so much. I had the mindset to get back fit but my body wouldn't allow it. I prayed for God to heal my body so that I could get back to being fit again.

It’s hard to get in shape physically, when you aren’t in shape spiritually. The same goes with only praying on Sunday’s. In order to be in alignment with who God has called us to be and do what he has called us to do, we must diligently seek him. We have to seek God on a regular just like we have to be physically active on a regular basis. I asked God to show me what it is he would have me to do on my journey. That meant spending time talking and praying to him. My hearts desire was to get back to the grind and start working out again. I’m sure you know setting a fitness goal isn’t the easiest task. When people refer to fitness goals that doesn’t always mean the massive amount of weight loss. It can be as simple as going for a walk everyday, doing a squat challenge, or even working up to an hour workout.

It’s easy to decide to do something, the hardest part is actually doing it. You will won't always be motivated but you have to learn to be disciplined. As you pray ask God to show you how to be a doer of the word and not just a hearer. Pray that God give you the strength and a renewed mind to build a healthier temple. Do what you can while you still can! If you can choose to be on social media for a period of time daily then we can do the same with taking care of ourselves. We choose to spend time doing what we want to do. Our bodies as we become older gain an appreciation for us taking care of them. When we make healthier choices, set fitness goals, and act on them, you would be so amazed to see how your body feels thereafter, refreshed and rejuvenated. The amount of energy you feel, the amount of sleep you will get, or just the emotional stress reliever that fitness can be is rewarding.

I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to fitness and shedding some pounds during my battle. I knew it would take my mind off of what I was going through, I’d lose weight in the process, and I can build my confidence back. It was often said to me “if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” Now I am doing just that- whether it be through dance fitness, step aerobics, or a brisk jog, I make it a point to work towards my fitness goals.

Excuses are bridges to nowhere! If you want to accomplish a fitness goal, you must stay focused and strive to beat those negative thoughts preventing you from being your best self!

I believe that the only safe life is a balanced life. A balanced life is obtained by keeping its priorities in line with Gods truth. Build your life on solid, safe ground by praying to God and listening to His plan for you. There’s so much more in store for you! Keep winning and striving to be better, because with God leading you, you can and you will be even better then before! Don’t give up!

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