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He Promised Me!!!

Have you been in a storm in life when you feel like God may not hear your cry? Whether the loss of a loved one, health challenges, or overall dissatisfaction with where you are?

Did you know even in your dessert and wilderness season God can reveal himself and you can receive the promise he told you was yours!?

While in what seems to be the toughest and longest waiting season, God in those moments is seeing how well we are handling what he is trying to offer to us. He wants us to be resilient and practice patience. He wants us to keep our spirits upright don’t let doubt or regret creep in! When things get on unstable ground -"Don’t get scared get ready!"

Preparation is the key in most circumstances- prepare yourself! Prepare your mind by remaining focused, prepare your body by keeping it healthy and strong, and prepare your spirit by remaining in his word.

You should work so diligently that it’s impossible to get it wrong!

Have you made the plan, so you don’t lose heart in the promise? Do you remain in a steadfast position where if knocked off balance you can still place one foot in front of the other?


Praise God in the pit and the valley!!

Operate in faith before you see it happen!! Testify to yourself and praise god for it as If you’ve seen it happen!!

Oh but when it does- it's a joyous song that gets deep in my spirit! I share this with you that trouble won't last always and encourage you maybe in the top of the year it may NOT of started the way you would like- but God still keeps his promise!

Keep the faith! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above ALL!!!

Below I share the lyrics to BeBe Winans- "He Promised Me"!

He promised me y'all (He's a (healer, healer, healer)He promised me y'all (He's a (healer, healer, healer)And i believe (He's a (healer, healer)Yes I believe (He's a (healer, healer, healer)He promised me He's my (protector, protector, protector)He promised me He's my (protector, protector, protector)And I believe (He's a protector, protector, protector)Yes I believe (He's a protector, protector, protector)

So lay sickness at His feet (cause He's a healer) Diseases can't compete (cause He's a healer) When walking down dangerous streets (He's my protector) And if trouble comes I just (call on Jesus)

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