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Humble as pie

Recently (Oct.23) I celebrated 3 years of being cancer free, or what I known for these years to be my cancerversary. I chose not to use the words remission because I believe and have faith and agree with family and friends that the cancer is gone! Cancer is a life altering disease but the God I serve can turn the story around.

I would be remissed to say that in my excitement there are many who lose their battle with cancer. Not everyone wins this battle.

Those who survive and are able- share the testimony. Doing so creates faith for the future of those still fighting.

I don’t take beating cancer for granted. I humbly say I am forever grateful to be alive today.

When others suppress their experiences of cancer I begin to empathize that it’s a difficult topic to discuss. For me, it’s not so much of me sharing my health challenges but it’s shining the spotlight on the creator for covering me and protecting me in the journey.

I recently learned of a young lady who was diagnosed with the same tumor as myself and lost her battle. That could have easily been me. My grade II tumor could have been a grade III that spread rapidly to my spine and brain. God had another plan for my life and his grace was upon me. In knowing that my situation could have been so different I reflect and humbly say all credit belongs to Him.

As I have reached my 3rd year, I realize my strength doesn’t come from the things I do but from the things I once thought I couldn’t. I celebrate these milestones with loved ones who share in that happiness for me.

I’m alive to tell the story.

Gods in the miracle working business.

Three years down, a lifetime to go.

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