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Love Your Brain

Many of us have habits that we want to change for the better! We also have loved ones who wish they could change those habits or even recall what they once were. How much better would our world be if we had adequate funding and thorough research to end Alzheimer’s and Dementia 💜or cure Cancer!!!???

Well until that day comes, we have to continue to do our part and educate ourselves and our loved ones!

In light of Alzheimer‘s and Brain Awareness Month and additionally being a Brain Cancer Survivor, I share some warning signs and areas to focus on as we stay ahead of these diseases. Your body will thank you and most of all, you will live and love the healthier habits you develop because of it .

Cheers and many blessings to you!! 🎗🤍

SN: Check out the GIF from the movie “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”. It’s a movie that speaks to the life and journey of an Alzheimer’s Patient and a Caregiver.

Love Your Brain comes by way of my most recent post. (Resources from an Insurance Provider )

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