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Playing Catch Up!!

Do you find yourself playing catch up in life after a traumatic life happening?? I'm sure you have or at least know of someone who has! Can you imagine trying to do it on your own instead of doing it Gods way and on his timeline!? Can I keep it real? It's 2022 and honestly, I can't help but feel like I'm playing catch up. Since 2018 (and even before), normal activities were so different in many forms. From working out, eating, socializing, and even personal/professional relationships took a shift.

Here it is, September 2022 and I have to be nothing short of thankful and grateful for the post cancer journey. Now 4 years later, post brain cancer I approach another year of celebration. Oct 23rd is my remission date-Praise God for that alone! But deep in the back of my mind, I am physically playing catch up to all the things I've desired and longed for! The prayers I prayed for God to show me he has allow it all to happen. The destiny that I thought God had forgot about was here all along just with a skew in the storyline.

When God speaks to me in these moments, He whispers, "Go in peace and focus on one thing at a time my dear child. You can still have it all." In other words, it'll all come together in my timing. Chapter 30 has brought forth a lot and this year no different than any other has moved by so fast. October will be the celebration that was delayed due to the pandemic. The accomplishments made this year were huge wins in my book that I never even saw coming. Chapter 31 and 4yrs cancer free is the Celebration of Life. What a milestone- I won't get to just celebrate it but celebrate it doing what I love - To Move.

Life offers us so much, yet it can take so much from us if we let it. When I think of my bad days- the good always outweigh the bad any given day. Though, some days are harder than others. I take each day as a joy and in strides to reach where God has called me to be. As of today-it's a game changer, trend setter, goalkeeper, and that's the fuel that keeps me going.

I have big dreams and although I have Gods work to do-He gives me the wisdom, strength, and good health to get it done! Each day is a steppingstone towards greatness. I am born from greatness just like you, and I want nothing more than to please the highest King and Ruler of my well-being. Playing catch up may sound cliche' but imagine how much more could come of your comeback if you let Him lead you. The path to success looks different for everyone, that's what makes us unique.

Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations may be delayed but they are not denied!! I dear you in your Catch-Up Experience, to stand back and let God work. I promise you it'll blow your mind.

God, do your thing and I promise not to stand in your way!!

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