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Relationships During Cancer

God created us to have healthy, sustaining, and successful relationships. He wants us to have mentors and friends who create a safe place to grow and help us to become all that we are created to be.

I often ask myself does this relationship help me right now or is my purpose to help someone in need? Is it toxic? Does the person reach out only when they need something? We know those type of situationships exist.

It’s important to stand clear of relationships that steal your peace, ravage your joy, and keep you worrying. Many cancer warriors face these trials before, during, and after battling cancer. Those who were once interested are not, those who were your friends change because they are affected by your diagnosis or not sure what to say so they say nothing.

Toxic relationships can be dangerous during times like these and can hinder your progression along this journey. Sometimes relationships fall by the sidelines where you may not want a human connection at all with anyone in your tribe.

God allows us to see people for who they truly are during life toughest moments. It reveals a lot about them, how they handle stress, what the relationship was once built on, and who we are leaning on to get us through these times.

Don’t get me wrong some may not be able to handle the depth of what you’re going through, but others will reveal to you their intentions all along. Maya Angelou said, " When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." God created us to have healthy and rewarding relationships with people and we are to discern what that means in our daily walk with Him. 

God has shown me the purpose in each relationship and connection I made on this journey and is working on me in showing the company I keep thereafter too. I've regained, reconnected, rebuilt in some areas and others have settled and drifted away peacefully. God has remained in the midst the entire time and brought good things out of what seemed to be bad situations. Each relationship, whether it be friend, family, etc. has unfolded so much about myself and what I deserve.

I made and reconnected with people who love, honor, respect, and encourage me as I do for them. Overall, the relationships I have continued to build throughout the years are true genuine friendships/relationships and together we have fun and push each other to reach our highest potential. True friendships aren't forced, they should come easy. Relationships as well, are a two way street and good communication is the foundation for a healthy relationship. Along the journey, keep close watch to those who never leave your side. Those are the ones that will be around for the long haul!

God reveals purpose in each relationship bit by bit. The closer you grow in relationship with Him, the more He will begin to reveal to you!

Thanks to those who have never left my side and are here for a lifetime, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! ;)

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