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Setting goals despite the obstacle

Those who know me well know I am a planner. I love to stay organized and on schedule. I often have a to-do list ready to go everyday. Since my treatment and even before, I was gifted journals, sticky notes, tablets, and other tools to help me remain organized. My family and close friends know I don't let any dust settle under my feet. I often use my notepad in my phone a convenient tool on the go. Even though I don't consider myself tech savvy, I make it work for me. While growing up I was always on the go with organizations, community events, dance competitions, and other extra curricular activities that kept me quite busy. All the while, these techniques have stuck with me til this very day. Even in my cancer journey, I often kept a running list of adventures I wanted to go on, trips I wanted to take, and my goals to strive for once I was back to myself and full of life again. Some may refer to this as the bucket list but my list was a thrive list. I was determined to beat cancer with faith and finish strong.

The real reason why most people don’t achieve lasting results when making goals or resolutions after cancer is because they try to make a vast amount of changes all at once and they do not prioritize them either. It’s okay to have a list of things you want to focus on, however for me, I learned to focus on one goal at a time after this journey. Partially because I didn’t have the energy to do it all and also I did not want or need the amount of stress that came with it. When I finished my treatment, I decided to create routines again, I basically ensured my day consisted of placing my attention on one thing at a time. I made a point to really give myself time to digest all that I had been through. Would my goals get accomplished? Yes. But not always on my timeline.

By focusing on one small goal at a time, with one or two slight changes added to my day, I not only made a large impact in whatever area I was trying to address, but I also got an easy win that made me feel productive!

As I continue to seek God to guide my footsteps and lead me on this pathway to succeed, I keep moving towards my goals. Because it makes me FEEL like I’ve accomplished something despite how overwhelming this situation may have seemed. I am not the type to brag. However, since Oct 2018, I can say God has truly moved in my life and put me in a position I would only dream of being in. I don't take the credit, I give it all to God.

In order to remain consistent, you must start small. God will lead you from there. God continues to order my steps and I follow his lead. He is Abba, the Father always showing himself mighty and strong.

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