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Sharing Your Testimony

Sharing my testimony use to sound so foreign to me growing up. I often felt that people weren’t interested in anything I had to say. Now, people approach me and sharing my testimony has allowed me to connect with people and allowed room for other people who are or have experienced brain cancer, hydrocephalus, CSF leaks, or severe headaches even to have discussions on how its affected them and/or currently affecting them. As I engage in conversation with these individuals that God is placing in my path, I am often reminded of how powerful he truly is. One thing we know for sure is God has not ceased being God. He is always loving and caring for his people despite what the situation may look like in that moment.

I often share that I am doing well with my health and I am on the other side. Also, I share that I have the faith and confidence in knowing that he is preparing me and working things out in my days ahead. This can sound very blah when you're going through and people may not be open to receiving the gospel, however sometimes it’s hearing that someone was shown grace and reached the other side of their medical challenges that encourages them to keep striving. If they are willing to listen, continue to share.

There are Biblical truths and principles that are so profound regarding us sharing our testimony! I believe that sharing your testimony is a responsibility of Christians to be a witness to the people.

You have a testimony, something that Christ has done in your life that people need to hear.

I tell you one thing--Life is no longer the same when God is in it! I know I’m saved and I look back to all that God has brought me through. I have began journaling the testimonies as they happen in my life. This serves as a recall and reminder of his good works and that his love that never gives up and never runs out on me. Even Me!

As warriors and thrivers it’s so important to share your testimony! When we share our story it‘s paramount to tell the who, what, when, where, and the how.

This is who was affected;

This is what happened;

This is when it happened;

This is where I was;

This is how it affected my life; and most importantly ...

This is where I am now .

When you start telling your story it will win people to God!

There are elements of a painful testimony that can be extremely impactful in the lives of others. Ask yourself-What was your point of pain? What was it doing to you? How did God show up? What difference did it make in your life now? Has your faith grown because of it? When my pastor shared this sermon I knew I was on the right path and that people would be blessed by hearing my testimony of healing.

In doing so people know he’s alive and well and they can win someone else to the Lord! Your testimony makes a difference!!!!!

Pray for those who aren’t ready to hear. Show them the love of God anyway. Testify to them and love on them.

Judgement day is the rewards for what you’ve done based on obedience of God. Be obedient even in the struggle. There is someone out there going through much worse. You can be the shining light!

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