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Triple B!

As I progress through this thing we call life, I humbly say, I find that God is elevating me in ways I couldn't ever imagine! He is opening doors I thought were so far to reach post cancer. In moving towards better opportunities, I find I may be leaving some friends behind. It was shared with me that not everyone is going to go with you on your journey.

In this season there are destiny helpers! The enemy is not going to be happy about elevation and climbing to new heights. Yet God whispers to me to remain humble, trust, and keep my faith solely in Him. He had me at the beginning of this process and He'll keep be covered to the end of it.

When I am approached for a new opportunity, I don't get the "yes syndrome" instead I ask, "God is this you?" "Is this what you would have for me?" Because at this point in life, if it's not his will done his way, it's not for me. I dare not block my blessings!

I hope and pray for Gods perfect will for my life. I desire to grow, to flourish, to reach beyond the stars. Blessed first, then Booked and Busy and in that order. Being "Busy" in my eyes isn't wasted time going in circle accomplishing nothing. Busy to me is defined as productivity, accomplishing simple small tasks that lead to bigger. I engage in activities that are building for the vision God has given me. Productivity to me is where the mission meets the footprint. It's where the tenacity meets the grind. But in ALL THINGS- All credit and acknowledgment go back to the one who deserves it "Him".

In your busy season where is your credit being given back to? How do you move when your wins and successes creep in and takes you by surprise? How do you respond to an unproductive day? Do you take a self-care day and jump on the bandwagon the next day to reach your goals?

Joy unspeakable. Life unimaginable. Beyond the stars. Beyond the limits. Beyond Brain Cancer. Reaching to Greater Heights with my destiny helpers those I've met and those I've yet to meet.

May God do his work in me and in you as well!

Cheers~ We have two months left out of the year and it's time to check off the list!!!!!

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