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You Gotta Live!

Consistency can lead to excellence in pretty much any area of our lives, but especially in fitness. Being consistent is said to be the most important component when working to accomplish any goal, in or out of the gym. Without consistency, programs are chaotic, the body has a harder time adapting, and forming habits may be more challenging due to the inconsistency. I do my best to remain consistent in every aspect of my life but especially fitness!! Now that God has given me the strength and ability to move again with any pain, I work towards a fitness goal, reach it, and readily build on it by adding on something new. However with fitness, I have now surpassed my initial goal and began teaching to help others accomplish their goals. I am doing my part to ensure we are all held accountable and staying consistent. God gave us one temple and he wants us to do our part. I often send gentle reminders to my clients reminding them that todays a new day even if there was a hiccup in pressing towards your fitness goals. They may sneak for a treat or have a “be good to me” dinner, but the next day they jump back on track. I don't allow my clients to beat themselves up when they want a piece of cake or chocolate. Life can’t be that strict or you won’t accomplish much due to the unhappiness that comes along with that strict meal plan. It‘s okay to have off days or a week even. Life happens and things come up. The important thing is to jump back into it and continue to build on the magnificent temple God granted each of us with. Once you begin to see the hard work pay off, it becomes an addiction to ensure that your body remains that way. It becomes easier to say “No” to those things that make you bloated or uncomfortable. For me its gluten and dairy! I’ll admit I love a butter roll and yogurt, but I know what it does to me internally so I do my part and stand clear of them. I know my intolerances and I know the food groups in which I shouldn't eat often. I like to build on those things in which I can eat and still enjoy eating while doing so. I choose to live and live a life that’s pleasing and gives me a life of purpose. Make fitness fun! Find something that you enjoy and burn calories at the same time. Start off slow, pace yourself, before you know it you will build up stamina to add more to what was once a beginner workout.

We may want to stop, we may want to quit, but we are never to give up! That's the #Xtremeway #XtremeHipHop #MakingStepGreatAgain. You make the choice to live each day you awaken. While I am now a Xtreme Hip Hop instructor, I have felt the adrenaline rush of teaching again and the joy it brings to have others come onboard for the ride! Fitness should be fun and enjoyable and I make it just that! The only way to survive is to keep moving forward! I don’t forget my past, if anything its what's pushing me to do what I love because I can now!

Results happen over time, not overnight!! In order to grow, you have to go through the process. Survivors -work hard, stay consistent, and be patient, the results will come!

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others and work on the healthiest version of you! -Beatris Drago

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