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Life is unpredictable and can shake our grounds. But it's up to us to see every situation with the lense we pick. People in the office really care about you and I have seen their concern. You're loved for who you are! The happy and bubbly hard working young lady you are!


I have known Simone for about 8 years now. We met in college and one of things I have always admired about her is her positive, optimistic attitude in all types of situations. I remember the day Simone told me about her diagnosis and I was in disbelief. I thought to myself, “but she’s so young…She doesn’t deserve this,” but Simone fought the cancer battle with pure strength and grace. I am so proud to call her my friend. She is the epitome of a God-fearing, amazing woman! Keep inspiring us, Simone!


I met Simone in 2015 when we both worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs. We shared a lot in common which made our friendship come easily.


I’ll never forget the day I learned of her diagnosis. The first thing I did was pray for my friend, her health, and her strength to get through what she was going through. As her friend, I made it my job to be supportive and pour encouragement and confidence into her. I am a believer and I knew that God had her.


I didn’t learn the full story of Simone’s journey until she began to prepare for the launch of her blog. Needless to say, when learning the complete story, I was in tears and in awe. Reading Simone’s story was extremely inspiring. Even more so because throughout the entire time she was receiving treatment, she never complained, she kept her faith, she persevered, and above all she handled it with GRACE. Simone has touched me more than she will ever know. It’s because of how she optimistically navigated her journey, that I was able to support my dad through his diagnosis. I know that she will reach and inspire her targeted audience and beyond. Simone, I’m very proud to be your friend! Continue to be the amazing person that you are!

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