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During my cancer journey, my doctors did not want me to lose weight. Although my treatment plan did not consist of chemo, it still had an affect on my appetite. Two years in remission, I continue to have difficulty with certain foods. I am allergic to shellfish, yes, I know you are thinking “poor you”. But I am still able to eat tuna, mackerel, salmon, just not shellfish. My sense of smell became very sensitive and I couldn’t even light a candle , put on fragrance lotions, eat sweets, or cook fried foods. Okay, yes, the last two are a huge benefit, but who from time to time doesn’t want one of the two. Well, in my case, I have made these adjustments and a few others work for me. Although I can no longer tolerate the smell of fried foods in my home, the smell of fast foods, or red sauced foods (spaghetti, lasagna, etc.), I have found a new passion in making new recipes from home. While taking on these new changes in my eating habits, I was able to lose 20 pounds, just by omitting fried foods and sweets from my lifestyle. My sense of smell is slowly coming back to its norm, I am able to sit in some restaurants without any nausea at all. I have learned to embrace these changes and make this new lifestyle work best for me. It's always good to adopt new habits to improve your well being. The most minute lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your health than you'd ever imagine.


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5 ways I chose to reconnect my mind, body, and spirit post cancer


Pray, Read Devotionals, and do some form of aerobic exercise or yoga


Create a list of activities to do each month


Try new recipes and cook meals that were suitable to my taste buds


Reintroduce myself to easy workouts to help build my momentum 


Journal my wellness journey as I reintroduce my body to fitness and nutrition

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