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A name has power!

Simone, the name means “one who hears”. I learned the meaning of my name at a young age but it never truly resonated with me until I was faced against the biggest challenge of my life, CANCER. My body had been giving me signs for years but I didn’t listen. I chose to ignore them. Years ago, had I listened to my body, my life would have drastically changed for the better. Early detection of cancer is paramount! 

I often wonder had I listened to my body years ago where I’d be now. Instead, I pushed through my pain until I could no longer tolerate it. Lesson learned!

When I was first diagnosed with cancer I felt helpless because I was the daughter of a survivor and I knew the changes cancer would have on my way of living. But like my mother a woman of faith, I knew I would triumph. I was determined not to just survive it but prosper.

I had to make the choice that cancer could either give me wings or it could be an anchor. Although, I didn’t have a choice in my diagnosis, I did have a choice in how I would let it affect me in life. Maybe I won’t always have control over what happens in life, but I do have control over my decisions and how I chose to respond to them. I do have control over my attitude. If it’s the only decision I can make, then I better make it a good one. With the right attitude the possibilities are endless. My faith in God was the driving force to beating cancer. If I didn't have the Lord on my side, I don't know where I would be.

Our bodies are our temples, we have to handle them with care. For me that meant becoming intentional about taking care of my health! This included staying on top of routine eye exams, physicals, and making my doctors aware when something felt off. I am an adovocate for my health. We can’t always control what happens in life but we can control what we do next! No matter what life gives me, I intend to give more back. I had to make the choice: 1) give up 2) give in or 3) give it my All! I chose #3 I hope to inform, empower, and inspire you or your loved ones well being, support those affected by cancer letting you know you’re not alone, and raise awareness of brain cancer along the way. Health challenges can lead to growth, delays of life often lead to strength, but it was my faith that never wavered. It’s my beliefs that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28) God sees, hears, and knows all things. Once I truly got that in my spirit my perspective changed. It then led to positive changes in my behaviors. When my behaviors changed, it resulted in changes to a lot of my daily habits during this battle. So many changes at one time can become overwhelming don’t get me wrong but in the end they lead to new and better outcomes!! I’ve seen what God can do when you are faithful and devoted to him. He can move mountains for you and see you through any challenging situation.

Keep pressing on warriors! Whatever battle you're going through, remember your scars are beautiful just like you!

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