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I need thee!

Hey there!

It's been quite some time and life is "lifing" in its newest form! But all in all, God is still good and in the showup and showout business! As cliche as it sounds the start of the year, I hit the ground running. New opportunities with work that are continuously stretching me to be the best version of me in leadership, 31 has brung about a new journey as each year usually does. This 30+ chapter feels a bit different though. I share with my mom often, if they had more classes in school about life, I think we'd be better prepared for it. However, if that was the case, I still don't think it would be enough for what the world is throwing at us today.

My faith by far and my belief that God has a handle on every circumstance is how I've made it this far. October makes 5years of being brain cancer free and although that seems like a long time to go, it'll be here sooner than I think! As I reflect on my journey and where I am today in my personal life, I can only smile and reflect. God has done the impossible and put me in a position of leadership I didn't imagine Him to and so soon. I had doubts at first and wondered was I ready, will I be prepared, can my brain take it, what if I stumble??

In my 31 years of life, there is always a test of Faith, some big and some small.

Have you ever experienced a bit of doubt and turned on the radio to a good ole gospel tune???- it can't help but feed your spirit. Even in my low moments because I'm not perfect-I rely on my gospel songs to lift me up. Now so, I even keep my gospel station on 104.1 throughout my workday. It calms my spirit in ways I didn't think it could and even the spirits of those who I connect with at work (ha! if you know what I mean).

When you find yourself in these life happenings it's a simple ask "Lord help my unbelief" Mark 9:24 As doubt creeps in and you don't feel qualified to be in a specific room with other big personalities, know you too were meant to be there! Feel comfortable when you get invited to the big spaces! There's a reason you’re invited. It's because you have something to offer!!

When you've experienced disappointment after disappointment or setback after setback, you begin to wonder if it's all aligning the way you'd imagine. God is in the now, he's in the suddenly, and he's continuously making a way!

Life is a navigation of experiences that truly mold you. If I deflected from being and doing better when things don't go my way, my entire wellbeing would take a major hit. It is the faith in believing God can and will prevail and no matter how hard I try to do it alone; he will show up in the midst to pull me out of the doubt.

Keep in hope and believe that you were created in his imagine and the likelihood of your greatness shining through is only steps away.


Listen to: Impossible by Pastor Mike Jr. ft. James Fortune

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