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Working on SELF!

Life can throw you so many curve balls and be so unexpected. When money gets funny, friends are distant, and loved ones are going through, it’s easy to take on the emotions that comes with it. Recently, close friends of mine and loved ones have shared with me that now that life seems to be leveling back out, it’s still important to take time to focus on myself and not become burnt out. It's important to stay focused on what I may have going on in the moment but also reflect on where God has brought me from and my body and mind time to recover. But readers know that this doesn't just apply to me but you as well. Taking some time to relax your mind and journal all the things you are grateful for can boost your mindset too. A peace of mind is priceless if you ask me.

If you are constantly spending time with one or more people or always on the go, then it can be difficult to properly process your thoughts and feelings. I have a “yes problem”, I tend to spread myself thin trying to be there for others and I’m barely there for myself. I call being on the go the "Hussle Bussle Life", it can wear you thin if you don't have self care. Try relaxing your mind and try not to think, this can be much harder than you may realize. I have found my mind is always on the go and focused on so many things. Did you know when you relax your mind, your concentration and focus can be enhanced? I find that I see things much clearer, I'm able to solve problems better, and I communicate better when I've taken that time for self.

In navigating "working on me through cancer and now through my back to semi normal lifestyle", I am truthful with God about how I am feeling daily. In the process there were good days and not so good days in my journey, there were days where I felt on top of the world and days where I wanted to just mellow and went with the flow. No matter how busy life gets now and no matter the day, I made a promise to remain truthful with how I was feeling and not be apologetic for it. It‘s okay to be anxious as you face life’s challenges. Working to get back on track living a normal life yet you sometimes can still feel so behind.

I feel like sometimes I am making up for lost time doing what I love. God has me exactly where he wants me to be. We get one life, it’s up to us to maintain a healthy one. From enjoying life's adventures and life's obstacles embrace them all. Create the life you want to live. Keep a healthy mind, body, and soul. I choose to make healthy me time a priority!

Continue to strive by the day at your own pace and nobody else's. Every step we take, God is near. He gave us a temple it’s our responsibility to do our part as well. Don't be defeated, because God is able. No matter how hard life may get, He can still make a way. Take time for yourself-Relax, Refresh, and Recharge so you can be the best version of YOU! Believe it and Receive it!

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